We can and must collectively build a world without policing, prisons, surveillance, punishment, and capitalism––a world in which all are equipped with the tools to prevent and transform harm, one in which everyone has what they need to thrive in community with others.

This is the through line of Mariame…

We must stop legitimizing incarceration for one group while advocating against it for another.

Covid-19 has presented a crisis — one that’s especially visible in prisons, jails, and detention centers, where an inability to social distance, daily regimes of brutality, and persistently unsanitary conditions make incarcerated people particularly vulnerable.


First published at Christians For Abolition

“Remember those in prison, as if you were there yourself.”

From the book of Hebrews, this reminder to remember has been largely forgotten by Christians — as have those in prison themselves. …

This week, I attended “Making and Unmaking Mass Incarceration: The History of Mass Incarceration and the Future of Prison Abolition,” a conference held at the University of Mississippi.

As conference organizer Garrett Felber announced at the start, the conference would be “unapologetically abolitionist.” …

July 2019

Can you love the sinner and hate the sin? Several years ago, I wrote a letter answering that question with an emphatic no. Nearly three years and countless conversations later, I’ve changed my mind, and am writing again today with a new answer: Maybe you can. But even…

Note: I originally posted this letter as a Google doc in October 2016, during my sophomore year of college. I’m re-posting it here as I attempt to gather the things that I write in one place, and as I continue to write about similar topics.

October 2016

When talking to…

Micah Herskind

abolitionist. tweeting @micahherskind.

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